Outstanding Warrants

Under Florida law, failing to comply with a court order or appear in court when required can result in a warrant being issued for your arrest. Once this warrant is issued, the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) may suspend your driver's license and you can face serious consequences. If you have outstanding warrants for failures to appear, it is important to resolve the matter as soon as possible. At the law firm of (blank), we offer skilled representation to help our clients promptly remove warrants from their record and protect their freedom and reputation.

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While in many cases, warrants are issued for the arrest of criminal suspects, the majority of outstanding warrants in Florida are issued as a result of an individual's noncompliance. An arrest warrant or bench warrant may be issued for many reasons.

Serious Outstanding Warrants:

New Criminal charges

If you believe there may be an Outstanding Warrant for your Arrest because of a new criminal charge you should contact us immediately.  Our Attorneys are skilled in negotiating your surrender to keep you safe, protect your right to remain silent and often arranging for a bond or a lower bond if one has already been set.  Additionally, one of our Bondsman can make arrangements in advance to get you in and out as swiftly as possible.

Arranging to turn yourself in due to an Outstanding Warrant shows good-faith to the Judge and Prosecutors and can be used as a negotiating tool in your case.

Examples of Other Warrants We Help People Remove:

  • Failure to pay a fine
  • Failure to complete community service
  • Failure to complete/follow terms of probation, i.e. court ordered alcohol program
  • Failure to appear in court when required by a police citation
  • Failure to obey a court order
  • Failure to appear in a required court appearance (indictment, sentencing, etc)

Many clients face serious problems when they are pulled over for speeding or another minor infraction. The officer checks the driver's record to find there is an outstanding warrant. The individual may be immediately arrested. While our office can help clients clear warrants at this stage, we advocate for early intervention before our client is ever arrested.

Proactive Resolution of Outstanding Warrants

Properly appearing in court or seeking to correct the failure to obey a court order is always in our client's best interest. Judges and prosecutors appreciate individuals voluntarily coming into court making a "good faith" effort to correct this problem - regardless of the cause or how long it has been since the warrant was issued.
We explain our clients' unique situation and demonstrate why they did not appear, did not pay the fine, or otherwise did not comply with a court order. After removing the warrants from our clients' record, we are also capable of assisting clients with restoring their driver’s license if it was suspended as a result of the outstanding warrant.

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If you have outstanding warrants for failure to appear or have been arrested for failure to appear, contact our criminal defense law firm. We are committed to helping clients throughout Florida.